September 22, 2012

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Puttin in work

January 28, 2010

That is part of one of my favorite Gang Starr tracks ever and it is what we were doing tonight. Two of us went and had a meeting that is going to be very important for the focus and future of this blog. We have a prettty important partner in the blog that is going to help us deliver the content you are looking for and is really going to ensure that the vision of this blogs founder is reached. We will be the clearing house for everything that impacts the larger cyclist and hopefully interests those of you that fit in those narrow seats at baseball games.
We will release more info in the coming weeks but we are really looking to grow this blog and help out guys (and girls) like us. Keep an eye here for more info very very soon!

Hey, I’m the New Guy

January 24, 2010

Hey, I’m Max and Steve put the word out looking for other big guys who ride/race bikes. I answered the call because I’m friend with Steve and would like to join this noble cause.

Now I’m a pretty big guy and have some goals to meet for the 2010 road racing season. Number one is to get my weight below 200, which is only 20lbs but I have a slight problem, I love food, both cooking and eating it. Also I seem to lose focus during training and don’t follow through with it for the entire season but I’ll suit up and race almost every weekend.

Tomorrow, Jan 25th, I start training for the 2010 season and will chronicle everything that happens.

Wish Me luck.


So I want to post a bit about what I did tonight. It wont be a long one.

I have for about a year now been going to The Front Street Gym and learning how to  box.  Front Street is your typical hole in the wall boxing gym in Philly.

Front Street Gym

It’s perfect to learn how to box in. It’s above a liquor store,dank,dirty and smells . Like I said perfect.

But thats besides the point. It’s a great workout and I am going to use it as part of my training to help with the weight. And as I mentioned in my last post I’m eventually going to have a couple of amateur matches in a few months. Just wanted to post a few pictures I took with my phone tonight to give you an idea with what is going on in there.

I’ll post some pictures and a description of some workouts later my arms hurt too much now.



Bags 2

So Happy New Year to all.

I am now able to focus more time on the blog. Some personal reasons kept me away from it.
You might have noticed there are some other blog post up here. Pat is a buddy of mine who is part of the Big Guys Challenge. Pat writes an amazing blog, which can be found here http://surlyrider.wordpress.com/ , I hope you all enjoy Pats contributions and check out his blog.

Now onto the weight stuff. Pat, Cristian and I are all doing our own things right now. Some trainer riding right now.
I also have been boxing on and off for about a year now and have decided as part of helping me lose weight that I am going to take part in an amateur boxing match or two this year. More to come on that in the future.

So if your goal is weight loss for this year and your in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area try to get in touch with me and well set something up to train with some of the Big Guys. Maybe even join us in one of the Tri’s were going to do.

Make sure you keep up with us on here. There be more updates than ever before.


The long train to nowhere

January 12, 2010

Winters spent in basements churning away at a resistance barrel is how many cyclists spend their winter. I am not a big fan of the trainer, and that is pretty obvious, but I decided to make a video of some of my time spent on the trainer in hopes that it will motivate others to get down to the basement, or out to the garage and just churn away. COME ON SPRING!

So around all hallows eve or so I talked to a good friend of mine and cartoon look alike about joining a chalange to drop some pounds and become better cyclists. Steve, Christian, and I all decided to be part of what we are calling the big guys challenge. In deciding to join this crazy venture, we are also going to write for a blog called the big guys guide to cycling. We are all sort of accomplished cyclists in spite of our girth. Steve would almost be considered a roadie, as he has done that for quite a while. I am more of a mountain biker, but have done some stints on the road as a courier, and general wind blocker for my welterweight cycling friends. Christin…he is just another story. I sold him his first bike since childhood, and now he thinks he knows how to ride or something. Honestly, he is a go getter and reminds me of myself at that age, just I was much better looking, faster, smarter, and much more accomplished, but he is just like me.

Cycling is one of those sports where power tends to matter as much as efficiency, so even though we might be giant windsails when we sit up and spin, we can also churn out megawatts while riding which helps to level the playing field when you are climbing next to someone who can be mistaken as a horse jockey. This is why you can find such a wide variety of cyclists riding on any given weekend. The problem is, the American bicycle retail establishment is focused at the waif like racer types, even though a huge (no puns ever on this blog)  population of cyclists are bigger folks who enjoy the sport as much as the Cat 2 gym rat.

We feel that not only do we need to find some solace in who we are as cyclists, we also need to pass along some of our deep understanding of riding with some extra girth to those who are too ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to just let it all hang out. We also want to focus on components and accessories that are made for the bigger cyclist in mind, or even ones that the big guys wont ride because they are afraid they would break or not fit into. We are willing to share our experiences, trials, tribulations, late night binges, and early morning hammerfests with all of you. You just have to be willing to watch us let it all hang out there.

I like this challenge because it gives me almost equal players to work off of and compete against. I am never going to be the bantam weight rider, but I do have designs on doing well against other clysdales in the upcoming Mountain bike season. This challenge will give me the kick in the butt that I really need because someone is keeping tabs more than just myself.

There is also pride on the line.

We have agreed to race in a triathlon later in the year. This will be a true test of wills and a great way to gauge our fitness. I guess I am going to head back to the gym and also set up the trainer in the basement.

Oh joy!

The BigGuy gets creative

November 13, 2009

Found this site and decided to update using it.

Hope you all enjoy!


-the BigGuy

So after talking to a few other bigugys I have decided to open up the BigGuys challenge to some other folks. I would like to welcome Pat and Kevin to the Challenge. I look forward to wooping both your asses along with Cristians .

Folks stay tuned this is going to get very interesting.

-The BigGuy

So I was sitting with Tim and Dan the other day. We were discussing ideas about the direction of the blog. I came up with the idea of a weight loss competition. My buddy Cristian and I are going to be training for the next several months with the help of the other bloggers on the LSM site. The winner will be decided by a triathlon this summer, (distance and location will be updated when we figure them out). Who ever wins the tri will win the bragging rights for the year.

We’ll post updates,videos ,results and product reviews on The BigGuys Guide so keep an eye out for that.

So there you go Cristian, the challenge is out there. Its up to you unless you’re too scared!

-The BigGuy